alive to the universe... dead to the world

james nigh
10 December 1974
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james is the furthest thing from a dogmatic believer
james is not improving with treatment
james is a bartender
james is now known as paradive
james is a chemical
james is picking out a classic tuxedo with a mandarin collar
james is an Irish mercenary and appears sporadically
james is a respected professor of philosophy
james is a negative character
james is an insomniac
james is forced to confront his past
james is clearly well known
james is 6' tall. With a dull look about him
james is definitely not the hottest, he just pretends to be
james is sponsoring a competition to determine the best sweet mead
james is brave because he knows no fear
james is surrounded by things he wishes to avoid
james is body checked, anesthetized and sleeping
james is blind and has no need for lighting
james is a master of ennui and anhedonia
james is willing to do light housework
james is 33 and likes his quarters at the station
james is looking glum as well as sorrowful
james is today a complete invalid
james is planning to go
james is ready
james is always ready